Buying a protected territory is the best way to ensure you generate the most policy assignments possible at a low fixed cost. Learn more about protected territories or schedule a call with a territory sales rep today using the button below!

Protected territories are offered on a first come first served basis

Protected Territories

Buying a protected territory gives you the right to every customer living within the boundries of a county wide area. Territories include all of the zip codes within the county you chose as your territory.

No one else can purchase a customer assignment in your territory besides you.

Territory Deposits

A $2,000 territory deposit is required to secure a protected territory. This is not a fee for the territory itself, it’s just a deposit against assignment fees that we charge when we generate a customer for you.

Assignments Galore

Depending on the population density of your territory, you can expect between 3 and 10 policy assignments per week. Make sure your deposit account stays above $400 by adding an automated payment card on file.

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Territories are selling fast. Make sure you don’t miss out on the top territories still available


Our on-boarding process consists of the following stages and proceedures. This process can take 4-9 business days to complete once you purchase a territory. On-Boarding scheduling is on a first come, first served basis.

Territory Purchase Agreement

The first step toward owning your own protected territory is to review and sign our Territory purchase agreement

Territory Deposit

You can submit your territory deposit using a credit or debit card, ACH payment or a direct wire payment to our bank account

Account Set Up

Setting up your account consists of adding your credentials to each of the Insurance carriers you are licensed with in our platform

Testing your carrier credentials

We test your credentials with each carrier to ensure customers can generate quotes and complete the application

Back Office Set Up

We will set up your back office on our platform so you can manage customers, sign policies and so much more

Add your directory listing

The last step is adding your directory listing so customers can contact you once they purchase a policy on our platforms