Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by "Assignments"

When we use the term “Assignment” we are referring to the act of assigning a customer policy to you the agent. When a customer gets a quote on one of our consumer facing platforms, they are then able to select the carrier they want, fill out the application, submit it to the carrier and make their first premium payment if their application is approved. You only pay us when we assign you as the agent to the policy. This process is referred to as an “Assignment”. 

How much do you charge for Assignments?

The cost of assignments depend on two factors. First, the type of Insurance the customer has applied for and Second, the size of the annual premium. The cost of the assignment is tiered so the bigger the annual premium, the more it costs.

How much does a territory cost?

Territories don’t actually cost a penny. However, we require a territory deposit which your assignment fee’s come out of. The minimum deposit for a protected territory is $2,000. When customer policies are assigned to you, our fee comes out of this deposit account. There is no fee for the actual territory.

What kind of Insurance customers do you generate?

Right now, we only generate Life, Health, Auto and financial planning customers.

Can I sell multiple lines of Insurance in my territory?

Yes, you can offer any type of Insurance product you are licensed to sell. 

How does the deposit account work?

When you sign up as an agent in our platform and secure a protected territory, you must put up a $2,000 deposit. This fee goes into your deposit account where your assignment fee’s come out when a policy is assigned to you. When your deposit account reaches a $400 balance, you must bring your account balance back up to $2,000 with an automatic $1,600 payment.

Can I buy more than one territory?

Yes, you can buy as many territories as you want. Each territory requires a new $2,000 deposit. 

How big is a territory?

Territories comprise all the zip codes contained within a county. When you purchase a territory, you are purchasing a county wide area. 

What should I look for in a territory?

You will want to purchase a territory with the highest population density possible. Our ability to generate more customers in your territory is dependent on the total number of ad impressions we can serve each month. The more impressions we serve, the more customers you get. It’s that simple.  

Do I have to live in my territory?

No, some agents like buying territories in the area they live in incase they are required to meet with their customers but it isn’t a requirement. You do have to be licensed in the state where your territory is located and for the lines of Insurance you want to sell.