Our proprietary platform offers Insurance Brokers the ability to only pay for policy assignments. That means a customer has already purchased a policy and all we’re doing is assigning you as the agent. As soon as you sign the policy, the customer is yours!


 Assignments refer to the process of assigning a customer policy to you, the agent. Our platform allows customers the ability to get quotes, select a carrier, complete the application and pay the initial premium. After all that is done, we simply “Assign” the policy to you as the agent. Then, all you do is e-sign the policy and that customer is yours. We only charge when you’re assigned to the policy as the agent.

*Not Available in all 50 States


Life Insurance

Buy Life Insurance Assignments starting at just $90 per contract

Financial Services

Offer your customers everything from Annuities to other types of financial services products

Auto Insurance

Purchase Auto Insurance customer assignments 


When we mention the term “Assignments”, we are referring to a customer policy that is 100% complete. That means the customer has signed the policy and made their first premium payment. The only thing you are paying for is a customer who will generate a commission for you. Assignment fees are charged according to the schedule below.

*Assignment Fee’s below are just for Life Insurance

 PREMIUM SIZE $0 – $500

JUST $90

 PREMIUM SIZE $501 – $1000

JUST $120

 PREMIUM SIZE $1001 – $1500

JUST $250

 PREMIUM SIZE $1501 – $2500

JUST $320


One of the top questions we get from Insurance Brokers is “How do you find customers?” We acquire customers using numerous methods including Facebook/Instagram Ads, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Broker Referrals, TV and Radio Ads just to name a few. We own and operate numerous consumer facing platforms.


I was extreemly hesitant moving forward initially. It probably took me three weeks before I decided to give this a try and it was the best decision of my life. I had never heard of a concept like this before and seriously doubted that it would work but after getting set up in the platform, the policy assignments started coming in and I was hooked. This is the real deal. I am only paying for assignments that actually generate a commission. They are adding more and more carriers everday as well. This is the only lead generation platform you will ever need!

Steve G.

Insurance Broker

After trying this out for a month, I decided to expand my territory and purchase 4 more exclusive territories. I am now generating over 24 policy assignments a month and couldn’t be more impressed. The on-boarding process could be a little quicker but once I was integrated into thier platform assignments started flowing in. Now evertime I get a call from a lead seller, I just listen to their pitch and count my lucky stars that I’m not buying leads anymore!

David L.

Insurance Broker